Save Your Company Time & Money,
Plus Keep Job Sites Safe.

We integrate your existing safety orientation process with our online system & provide real-time information about each worker to your job site supervisors. This significantly reduces the amount of time your human resources staff is required to spend on each new contractor, putting workers on your job sites quicker while freeing up managers and supervisors to do other important tasks.

NextCode has allowed us to streamline worker orientations.

Morley Builders

Eliminate Paper and Long-Term Storage!

All contractor information is stored in a central database on a secure managed server. Allowing our clients to save money on long-term record storage and secure document removal services.

Streamline Worker Training!

Using the NextCode online safety orientation process, our clients are seeing their intake process reduced from over four hours to around 30 minutes! Contractors get to their work areas sooner, trades are more productive, and management spends significantly less time on tasks that are not value-add.

NextCode QR ID Core Product

Our core product includes a customized, tablet-ready, safety orientation; a secure administration system for approving contract workers; printable QR codes unique to each worker; plus an iPhone and Android app for real-time access to worker information.

Seamless Transition Between Projects

After a worker has completed our web-based safety orientation, our clients have the ability to assign that worker to any active job site without the need for additional paperwork or red tape. The job site foreman can immediately recognize if the worker has met all the safety requirements and is approved to work.

Emergency Information & Worker Safety!

In the event of a workplace accident or injury, the site foreman and medical personnel will have instant and accurate emergency information. Having access to a worker's medical information – such as potential drug allergies or other important medical history – could be life-saving. Any medical information is stored and provided strictly on a volunteer basis.

Provides pinpoint information to ensure that workers with the proper certification are in approved areas or locations for each job site. Allows management to be aware of worker location in the event of an emergency. With the RF ID add-on the location can be much more accurate.